Interesting Foods

Here in Syria there are a lot of foods that I have never tried.  These are plums that aren’t ripe.  I like them but they are on the sour side so the kids haven’t enjoyed them.  One other thing that was just recently in season was unripe almonds.  They were inside a soft green “shell” and you eat the whole thing.  I really liked them.

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3 Responses to Interesting Foods

  1. ibtisam says:

    i was never particularly fond of the unripe plums or the unripe almonds – a bit too bitter for me. but i’m glad you’re enjoying them! 🙂

  2. Emilie says:

    I don’t think that I have eaten a ripe plum, let alone, an unripe one! I didn’t know that almonds had to ripen, interesting. I like the food post, keep them coming! 🙂

  3. Delmar D. Aguilar says:

    You invited that pearl of a woman on a first date. You’ve selected an elegant restaurant and are only a little stunned when she orders an appetizer to share. It’s a tray of raw oysters on the half shell, which the waiter assures you are very fresh. You’ve never tried them before but have heard tales about the slimy things. You try not to panic. Keep the conversation light-hearted as you order the rest of the dinner items. Then, when the tray of oysters nested in ice arrives at your table, bravely indulge in these delicious delicacies.

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