Merry Christmas!

I know I haven’t posted for so long! Something to do with 3 kids and spotty internet. I would love to post more pictures but b/c our connection is so stinking slow it usually just takes too long to upload them. There are many pics I would love to post from where we live but now is not the best time to walk around with a camera in this country either! So those are my excuses.

In light of the situation here I have really been thinking about what the angel said. I bring good news of great joy for all the people. He is good news for all the people.

I have also been thinking about how humble and weakly our Lord came. Well if I am like Him in anyway it’s the weak part! Lucy said to me the other day Mom God’s plan was so weird and I would have never done it like that, ever! It is weird but yet the more I ponder it so amazing. The Savior of the world, born in a manger!

May you celebrate Him, the good news the angels proclaimed!

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I remember the …

I remember the blood.
I remember the pain.
I remember the fear and the sadness.
I remember praying so hard and wishing so bad you would stay safe inside.
I remember seeing you. You were so beautiful, so beautiful.
I remember kissing your brow and holding your hand.
I remember the emptiness and anger as they took you away.
I remember the darkness that came.
I remember the blood.
I remember the pain.
I remember Your blood.
I remember Your pain.
I remember I can trust a Loving God.
I remember and I surrender.

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Interesting Foods

Here in Syria there are a lot of foods that I have never tried.  These are plums that aren’t ripe.  I like them but they are on the sour side so the kids haven’t enjoyed them.  One other thing that was just recently in season was unripe almonds.  They were inside a soft green “shell” and you eat the whole thing.  I really liked them.

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Our Home Now

Our “home” has been so transient the last couple of years.  This is the one we are set-up in now.  I think all of us really just rely on each of us being there and special routines (family devotions, stories at bedtime etc.) to make where ever we are at feel like home. And ultimately realizing that our real home is in heaven with Jesus.  We were made for somewhere better!  I’m thankful that where ever we are here He goes with us.  What an amazing promise- I will never leave you nor forsake you!

Our house is the one with all the clothes on the line.  I have an endless amount of laundry!

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I love this little boy!

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A Conversation between Dustin and I

Me: You know usually when a woman asks a man to do something she wants it done immediately or very soon.

Dustin: You know usually when a man just sits down he wants to sit down.

We had a pretty good laugh about it- 10 years ago that probably would have been a fight!

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A Black Hole

No I did not fall into one I just have not had internet access! I hope to start blogging on here more and sharing more about our life in Damascus with you all. For now here is a pic of some cuties.

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